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30th Nov 2010 Posted by: Rowse

Whoa...giant bees

The world’s biggest bees live in Malaysia. And they have an incredible (and beautiful) defence mechanism. In this amazing video from the BBC, Sir David Attenborough takes a close look at these truly incredible creatures.

Did you know?..

If you store honey at very low temperatures, it 'frosts'. Frosting is harmless and happens when the natural crystals begin to bond together to form a lattice network. To soften the honey, warm it gently in an airing cupboard for a day or so.

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4th Jul 2011 Posted by: Rowse

Show me the honey!

In Kenya they don’t need a computer, a sat nav, or even a map to find a fresh source of honey. They simply ask a little bird. This video is a beautiful illustration of how humans and wild animals work together.

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