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30th Nov 2010 Posted by: Rowse

Whoa...giant bees

The world’s biggest bees live in Malaysia. And they have an incredible (and beautiful) defence mechanism. In this amazing video from the BBC, Sir David Attenborough takes a close look at these truly incredible creatures.

Did you know?..

Bees talk to each other by doing a little dance. They do a figure-of-eight movement at the door of the hive known as the ‘Waggle Dance’, which directs other bees to a good source of nectar.

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4th Jul 2011 Posted by: Rowse

Show me the honey!

In Kenya they don’t need a computer, a sat nav, or even a map to find a fresh source of honey. They simply ask a little bird. This video is a beautiful illustration of how humans and wild animals work together.

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