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Quick fact

Honey was known as ‘the soul of flowers’ in the 15th century.

Image for Hooray for Pancake Day!
7th Mar 2011 Posted by: Rowse

Hooray for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday if we’re being traditional) is easily one of our favourite days of the year. Well, it’s pretty understandable, really...who doesn’t love pancakes dripping with honey?

Image for Honey and Fresh Ginger porridge
28th Nov 2012 Posted by: Rowse

Honey and Fresh Ginger porridge

Stay warm and keep buzzing this winter with a yummy and super-healthy morning treat.

Did you know?..

Bees talk to each other by doing a little dance. They do a figure-of-eight movement at the door of the hive known as the ‘Waggle Dance’, which directs other bees to a good source of nectar.

Image for Baked Honey Granola Bars
23rd Sep 2013 Posted by: Rowse

Baked Honey Granola Bars

Our bees are already preparing for the winter, and we should really start too. It’s not quite porridge weather, but we could definitely do with something a little more filing than muesli to keep our energy levels up.

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