Rowse started in 1938 when a chap called Tony Rowse started beekeeping at his home in Ewelme, Oxfordshire. He enjoyed it so much he decided to try and make a living from his hobby. And so, Rowse Honey was born.

Tony soon realised that he couldn’t satisfy the ever-increasing demand for honey in the UK. He began to source more honey from all over the country and eventually from overseas as well, growing his range to encompass honeys from all over globe, each with its own unique flavour.

We have continued to source the best quality and most delicious honeys from England and beyond for over 70 years. You could say we know a quite bit about honey! Millions of honey lovers across the country trust Rowse to top their toast every morning. Straight from the bees to your porridge bowl, it’s a delicious and natural way to wake up your breakfast.

We don’t mess around with our honeys. We leave them 100% as nature intended, unpasteurised to preserve their natural goodness and with nothing added*.

(*The only honeys we add anything to are our flavoured honey range, where we add a hint of 100% natural flavour to pep up your porridge, trust us – it works!)

We have over 25 honeys in our range each with their own unique flavour. There’s everything from Light & Mild, to honeys for cooking, to honeys best simply drizzled over your morning yoghurt. Beelicious!

Plus, as the UK’s favourite honey brand, it goes without saying that we love honey bees and we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to give something back to the wonderful creatures that do so much for us. Did you know that bees pollinate one third of the fruit and veg that you eat? Click the link at the top right of this page to read about the work that Rowse do to save the bees.

We hope you enjoy exploring the natural wonder of Rowse Honey.