How do I turn my honey back to being runny?

Sometimes honey crystallises when it gets cold. It’s completely harmless, and just means glucose has separated from the rest of the sugars because of the temperature. You can dissolve the crystals by putting the honey jar in an airing cupboard or a basin of hot water until it becomes clear.

Has your honey been pasteurised?

No, our honey is gently heated below pasteurisation temperatures simply to remove any debris from the hives. Our honey is classfied unpasteurised.

Is honey ok to eat while pregnant?

Despite our honey being unpasteurised we would still suggest it’s safe to eat during pregnancy. Although we do not advise that children under the age of 12 months old should consume any of our honeys, this is because an infant’s digestive tract isn’t quite ready to process some of the naturally-occurring constituents in honey and this inability could potentially cause problems. Should you have any concerns surrounding this we would advise you contact your GP or Midwife.

What’s the shelf life of honey?

Honey never really goes off as it contains a high amount of natural sugar. We print best before dates on all our packaging and recommend that the honey is consumed before this date. We also recommended that you keep you honey in a cupboard at room temperature.

What’s the difference between organic & non-organic honeys?

Our Organic honey comes from approved supply bases all over the world. As we pack the honey in the UK the certifying body that we choose to use is The Soil Association. This is why the statement regarding their approved apiaries is present on our label. This statement applies to Organic honey from any country, hence all organic honey must meet the same strict standards. Any company that exports honey will be certified by an Organic body. (The body that they use does not necessarily have to be from the country the honey is from). We then have to supply the certifying body details to The Soil Association, who check the standards being used meet their requirements. If they do, we are authorised to use the honey with The Soil Association logo. We are audited by The Soil Association on a regular basis and checking that the certifying bodies are approved by them forms part of this audit. In addition to The Soil association standards we also test Organic honey on delivery to us in the same way that we test non-organic honey. This ensures that it is fully compliant to the UK Honey Regulations.

Are Rowse products Gluten Free?

All of our honeys are gluten free.

Is Rowse honey suitable for Vegetarians?


Is Rowse honey suitable for Vegans?

Honey is a by-product of bees so suitability is down to individual preference.

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