Discover our history… from humble beginnings to the UK’s favourite honey.


Tony Rowse started beekeeping as a hobby at his home Ewelme, Oxfordshire.


Tony loved beekeeping so much he turned his hobby into a business and Rowse Honey was born.


Rowse Honey became a limited company.


Rowse Honey introduced speciality honeys like Acacia to the UK.


Rowse became the No.1 honey brand.


Rowse launched Manuka honey into British supermarkets, making it accessible to all for the very first time.


Rowse Honey was sold to the Wellness Foods family.


Rowse relaunched our brand with a new-look logo and packaging.
Rowse also launched Supahoney – a blend of Manuka honey and clear honey, the perfect winter warmer.


Rowse launched our new TV ad featuring our employbees!

Said employbees were also sent off to Latitude festival to entertain families with waggle dancing, observation bee hives and of course, honey sandwiches.


Rowse became the number 1 spread brand.



Rowse was sold to Valeo Foods who specialise in wholesome, nutritious and fun family food brands.

We set up a beefarmer apprenticeship scheme, along with the Beefarmers’ Association, aiming to get young people into the beefarming industry.

We also launched our Cooks Range, as well as a tasty new range of 100% naturally flavoured honeys, perfect for topping your porridge, yoghurt or toast.


We launched our latest TV ad – The Natural Wonder of Rowse.

We also launched our Campaign For Real Manuka. There is some Manuka out on the market that isn’t the real deal. But with Rowse, you can be sure it is genuine – read our Manuka pledge here.