Our Story

Over 80 years of pure and natural honey

Rowse began in 1938 when Tony Rowse started beekeeping at his home in Ewelme, Oxfordshire. He enjoyed it so much he decided to try and make a living from his hobby. And so, Rowse Honey was born.

Tony soon realised that his hives alone couldn’t satisfy the ever-increasing demand for honey in the UK. He began to source more honey from all over the country and overseas as well, growing the Rowse range to encompass honeys from all over the globe, each with its own delicious taste.

We have continued to source the best quality and most delicious honeys from the UK and beyond now for 80 years. You could say we know quite a bit about honey! Millions of honey lovers across the country trust Rowse Honey to top their porridge every morning. Straight from the bees to the porridge bowl, it’s a delicious and wonderous way to wake up your breakfast.

We don’t mess around with our honeys. We leave them 100% as nature intended; with nothing added* and none of the natural goodness taken away.

(*The only honeys we add anything to are our Rowse Honey with a Hint Of Cinnamon, where we add a splash of 100% natural flavour – and Rowse Wonder Bees and Supahoney™, where we have an added squirt of Vitamin C!)

We have over 20 honeys in our range, each with their own unique flavour thanks to the wide variety of plants our honey bees like to visit. There’s everything from Acacia to Lime Blossom, Light & Mild and Mānuka Honey or the original Rowse Squeezy Honey to drizzle over your favourite breakfast.

As well as bringing you delicious honeys, we try to do everything we can to help protect the world’s wonderous honey bees. Click here to read more about Rowse Hives For Lives and the work that we do to help save and protect the bees.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Natural Wonder of Rowse Honey.

Our History