Our intiatives have been focused on protecting bees & beekeepers for over 12 years.

We call them ‘Hives For Lives’

Honey bee health

Since 2009, we’ve been the lead sponsor of LASI’s Sussex Plan for Honey Bee Health and Well-Being, a research scheme led by the UK’s only Professor of Apiculture, Professor Francis Ratnieks.

For over11 YRSwe’ve been funding research into honey bee welfare

Bee a Bee Farmer

In 2014, we created a unique, three-year apprenticeship scheme with the BFA specially designed to introduce younger people to a career in bee farming.

We have trained37apprentices through our Bee A Bee Farmer scheme

Bees for Development

Since 2018, we have worked with Bees for Development (BFD) to combat poverty by giving members of a community in Ethiopia the skills to keep bees and sell the honey produced, as well as reforesting degraded land

Our trained beekeepers are now tending1,000new bee colonies

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