All this nature from a little bottle

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The same natural recipe for over 100 million years

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Training bee farming apprentices to look after honey bees

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You help pollinate all these crops

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Working to secure the future of the honey bee

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You help make this nature

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Everyday Honeys

Rowse breakfast honeys are perfect for waking up your breakfast, naturally. Drizzle over your toast, porridge, yoghurt, pancakes, waffles or crumpets. They come in glass jars and squeezy bottles, as well as set and clear varieties. 100% pure and delicious.

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Taste Discoveries Honeys

Much like wine, honey has lots of different flavours, colours and textures. These different flavours make our cooking honeys perfect for a variety of dishes.

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Winter Honeys

Discover our latest innovation: Rowse Pure Honey & Lemon and vitamin C sachets & lozenges, delicious and convenient to carry around!

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Manuka Honeys

Rowse NPA Manuka Honey is guaranteed 100% pure and authentic. We blend our 5+ Manuka with clear honey to create Supahoney™, the perfect winter warmer.

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