Know your Manuka strength ratings and choose wisely!

As there are no UK guidelines to classify Manuka honey, we recognise that it can be difficult to shop products and compare them, and be sure you're getting 100% pure and authentic Manuka honey. At Rowse, we know that each jar of Manuka must have a substantial amount of MGO to be an authentic manuka and we would recommend buying Manuka with a minimum of 100+ MGO.

250+MGO Manuka Honey

100+MGO Manuka Honey

500+MGO Manuka Honey

Guaranteed to be 100%PureManuka honey
TESTED TWICEOur Manuka Honey is tested at source in New Zealand and on arrival in the UK
GREAT VALUEWe protect the authenticity of this much-loved product so you get value for money

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